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Our Fact Sheet
Our Fact Sheet

About Us - Pangea Strategic Intelligence

We help businesses accelerate their path to success by connecting them directly with our network of Experts within Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure ("ENRI"). Knowledge sharing, as well as our platform that facilitates these valuable information exchanges, is integral to us.

Our Experts have worked on global and local business strategy initiatives and operational projects - performing key technical and commercial roles. supply chains, operations, technical and engineering teams, strategy and investments, risk and regulatory affairs.

    Our clients commonly look for bespoke solutions, which is why our fast and flexible platform fits perfectly for so many use cases:

  •    •  Investigating Opportunities for Expansion and Growth
  •    •  Due Diligence on Strategic Decisions
  •    •  Hypothesis Testing and Validation
  •    •  Informing Investment Choices
  •    •  Designing Best Practice Models
  •    •  Innovation Incubation
  •    •  Confronting Unexpected Changes

We have connected institutional investors and clients with specific research needs to Experts in Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure since 2010.

Any Expert that you want to connect with...we can help.

Pangea SI facilitates direct interactions between our clients and highly relevant Experts, so that they can obtain the expertise and validation needed to advance their business.

Discover how you can grow what you know.

How it works:


Request expertise

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Custom Search

We will present you with a vetted shortlist of Experts matching your information need.


Expert Engagement

Connect with your chosen Expert in whichever format of consultation you desire.


Achieve your Business Goals

Transfer direct Expert insight into strategic results.

How Our On Demand Consulting Platform Beats Other Research Models

Direct Access to Industry Specialists within Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure

Being focused in ENRI enables us to provide thought leadership on emerging strategic themes, such as digitalisation, or long-standing challenges, such as energy transition – meaning we can be proactive in a way that our direct competitors cannot.

Full “Cradle-To-Grave” Life Cycle Solutions

Our suite of services helps clients with business processes starting from Ideation phase; moving into Technical Design and R&D; then onto Commercialisation and Launch. Eventually going all the way through to the identification and hiring of staff - permanent or contract (along with workforce mobilisation solutions if required).

Custom Search Expertise

With over 10 years of experience in custom search and connection services, we understand the high-calibre solutions required for a variety of business scenarios.

End-to-End Strategic Research

Sometimes our clients just want to speak directly to an Expert. Sometimes they need something more complicated. We seek to truly understand our clients' needs, so that when required we can help them to design and execute research that transfers various subject matter expert perspectives into custom-built insight.

Global Reach

Our Experts are positioned across global markets, and our community is constantly expanding to ensure the power of knowledge sharing continues to grow.

On Demand Solutions

Reactive Expert consultations for clients: direct consultancy, delivered quickly, all underpinned by a robust compliance framework and leading technology platform.

Commercial Flexibility

Our "plug and play" mosaic of information services allows you to connect to a vetted, micro-niche specialist in the consultation format you desire, within 72 hours. Corporate research data and management consultancy reports can often echo the same story to each different client. How we differ is that the knowledge you gain comes with a unique expert perspective - solely relevant to your business challenge, and the research cost will also align with the solution you are seeking.

Discover insight by engaging with:

   • Former C-level leaders and executives in each 'ENRI' industry niche of Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure.

   • Specialists on Energy Transition and Digitalisation, Clean Tech, Oil & Gas, Power Distribution and Generation, Supply and Trading, and other industry niches.

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