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The Perspective Of Expertise You Should Know About

The Common Problem
Over the past decade, there has been a shift towards solutions that enable in-depth due diligence. Off the back of discussions with various global private equity firms and investment directors, it is apparent that there is a common challenge they consistently try to overcome: discovering critical market insights as they unravel in real-time.

Gaining Time And Greater Value
Many consulting retainer agreements and recommendations by research data providers lead to impractical, unattested implementation suggestions. Some research findings have shown a significantly positive relationship between traditional management consulting expenditure and organisational inefficiency.

The reliance on in-house analysts and management consulting retainers can be a blocker to finding out what is happening in the market right now. Additionally, full-time hires and retainers can take months to agree and sign off - this is even before the insight is delivered. External knowledge is proving to be more valuable.

A Low Investment, High Return Solution
A concentrated and deep insight is often required to tackle a focused problem and specific information challenges. Direct, spot consulting engagements have proven useful for:
- The identification of viable routes for project success
- Market landscaping and validation planning
- Understanding the key considerations and growth drivers
- Building a framework for de-risking impact investments
- Strategic and operational expertise for implementing recommendations

This can all be acquired within 1 week.

Some of the questions we have been asked:

  • - How could investing now bring about sustained high market demand over the coming decades?
  • - What are the technology innovation headwinds in this global market?
  • - Which cost and value drivers should be immediately considered for my project?
  • - How can I determine which companies have the potential to become the next dragon or unicorn?



What Businesses Are Realising...


“I very nearly didn’t give Pangea SI a shot and to be honest I had few initial expectations. I was positively surprised that they were so on my wavelength. They delivered a really high-quality solution to me exceptionally quickly - it was really easy from my end and the results of our partnership have been very positive.”
Business Development Director
- Leading Advisory, Broking and Solutions Firm

"We were positively surprised by this way of doing research and will definitely consider this again in the future, if we need information about a specific topic.”
Business and Sales Analyst
- Logistics Service Provider

"Andrew was capable of answering the questions he was selected on, which was really good – a good match for us. I have been very pleased with the experience.”
Business and Sales Analyst
- Major Energy Company

Expert Networks Evolved


“Our team worked with Pangea SI Experts on a digitalization programme.

Pangea SI Experts, each with over 20 years of experience in their niche, shared their independent and unbiased knowledge during the consultation session.

They were able to weigh the pros and cons of the different technologies under consideration and shared their experiences on some of the key components of executing projects in this field.

“We had conversations with several different consulting firms who were only able to tell us the positive aspects of the proposals under consideration. They then tried to sell us expensive consulting contracts, when what we needed was intense deep-dive sessions with practitioners who had practical experience.

Pangea SI’s direct consulting engagements allow us to access impartial knowledge, which keeps us moving in the right direction and prevents strategic missteps. This is a real advantage.”

CCO DevOps Workstream Lead
- Global Energy Supply Company



To access and engage with Pangea SI's network of experts, clients sign up for a number of credits that can be used for any consultation format they desire: telephone/video consultations, face-to-face meetings, as well as group advisory boards.

Are you investigating new expansion and growth opportunities or considering a strategy shift?
"Passionate about connections that drive the world towards a more sustainable future."
- Mike Callis, Director

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The Key To Getting Truly Valuable Knowledge

Firms operating in the energy sector use us because we provide solutions that are not delivered by other types of research.

Different Types of Research Their Drawbacks Pangea SI's Solution
•  Management Consulting
(McKinsey, BCG, etc.)
•  Expensive. Not embedded in industry. Lacks practical experience and granular detail on niche topics.
•  Market-embedded experts share detailed effective strategies from first-hand experience.
•  Market Intelligence Providers
(Contract Research Organisations)
•  Relaying second-hand information. Reports lack depth.
•  Insights come from within industry in as much depth as is required.
•  Direct Competitors
(Diversified but unfocused consultancy firms)
•  Agnostic. Less familiar with Energy, Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Chemicals. More expensive, less flexible.
•  Specialists in decarbonisation and the Energy Transition.
•  Events / Conferences
(Meeting industry players in person.)
•  No guarantees of effective meetings. Time-lags. Costly, all things considered.
•  Short, flexible consultations available to evaluate efficacy.
•  Internal Company Resources
(Exploiting existing personal connections)
•  Can be slow. Echo chamber risk. Potential for internal bias.
•  On-demand consultations with impartial experts.
•  Desktop Research
(Performed by employees costing only time)
•  No guarantees of finding useful information. Low value use of time – hidden cost on productivity. Slow.
•  Short calls uncover valuable insights with greater ROIs on money and time.
•  Academics / Consortiums
(Partnering with educational entities)
•  Can be too theoretical. Lacking practical industry perspective.
•  On the ground experts provide knowledge through a business-focussed lens.


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"Pangea SI is the only platform dedicated to helping businesses access the information they need to accelerate their decarbonisation and energy transition initiatives in an economically viable way."

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