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Pangea SI works across Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure ("ENRI"), helping clients to reduce the risk and increase the value of their research. We custom-source subject-matter Experts and connect them directly to businesses facing information challenges, facilitating valuable information exchanges.

Our Experts are carefully selected to match client requests, and come from all kinds of locations, as well as a wide array of technical and commercial backgrounds.

    Our clients commonly look for bespoke solutions, which is why our fast and flexible platform fits perfectly for so many use cases:

  •    •  Investigating Opportunities for Expansion and Growth
  •    •  Due Diligence on Strategic Decisions
  •    •  Hypothesis Testing and Validation
  •    •  Informing Investment Choices
  •    •  Designing Best Practice Models
  •    •  Innovation Incubation
  •    •  Confronting Unexpected Changes

We have connected institutional investors and clients with specific research needs to Experts in Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure since 2010.

Any Expert that you want to connect with...we can help.

Pangea SI facilitates direct interactions between our clients and highly relevant Experts, so that they can obtain the expertise and validation needed to advance their business.

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