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A Quicker Expansion Route For An Investment Advisory Firm In Renewable Energy

May 29, 2019
Sanjay Ramdhonee

The Challenge

A Renewable Energy Investment Advisory firm, based in the US, came to us due to their interest in investigating a geographic expansion opportunity. They had a track record in providing sound investment advice to members of the Financial Community and were keen to become involved the Wind industry in North American and European markets. However, whilst aware of the growth in Wind projects in Asia-Pacific locations, they did not have enough of a network in the region to do much more than look at the numbers, and felt unable to provide their clients with the level of service that they expected of themselves. The numbers alone revealed an opportunity, but without contextualised knowledge it would be hard to access.

The Solution

Following slow and frustrating attempts to build their own network through industry events and networking at conferences, which involved a lot of travel and distraction from core work, the company engaged Pangea Strategic Intelligence. Within a week, we were able to connect them to a number of Experts who had been embedded in the Wind industry in Asia for a number of years. Telephone consultations worked well, as the client could speak to Experts before their day really got going in America, at the end of the working day in Asia. Some of the Experts our client chose to engage were from manufacturers; some from project developers; and some were independent consultants, formerly working at big players, who were able to provide detailed analysis of the differing regulatory approaches in each of the countries of most interest to our client.

The Results

As a result of the project, our client chose to engage two Experts through us on longer term engagements, to allow them to explore some specific opportunities further. They are confident that they will be able to provide detailed expertise to their Investment clients on an exciting area of the market in the very near future, and are also investigating opening a small office and hiring a member of staff or two in the region to maximise the potential for growth.

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