Why Using Pangea SI Is A Great Way To Learn

Pangea SI’s services help solve common challenges in research. Our efficient, on-demand spot consultancy methods help our clients any problems they have in the Energy, Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Chemicals industries and all related niche topics by providing access to custom sourced subject matter experts on demand.

It Is Fast

I nearly waited for a conference to ‘network’ instead of using this.

But then I would have had to wait for a few months and, as there are the no-commitment incentive consultations, I decided to give it a try.

Wow! I had everything I needed from a couple of expert calls less than a week later.

I would have waited on my project, spent money on the tickets, the hotel, the travel. It would have meant a few days I don’t have spare away from the office, and my family. All with no guarantee that I would meet the right people and get enough of their attention to cover the things I wanted….The only irony is that I met Pangea SI at the E-World conference!”

Human interactions are powerful, and Pangea SI’s service offers a direct engagement format that means information is much more likely to be absorbed, when compared to other methods. Don’t get lost in the numbers or in a search engine.”

Christophe – CFO, A Commodity Trading House

It Is Human

Having real people in seminar style discussions, which are totally tailored to our information needs, has made a huge difference to us.

It is far easier to keep the whole team in sync when we are engaged together in an interesting conversation than it is to get everybody to really pay attention to a technical document and then feedback separately.

Usually we already have the data, and we need to know the ‘how’ part. Only people who have actually done it can tell us that.”

Technology Research Manager, Major Petrochemicals Business

It Is Actionable

Accessing cutting edge, exploratory research from custom sourced subject matter experts on demand is a key competitive advantage, with returns estimated to be anywhere from 20% to 40%.

Pangea SI Service Impact Study

One of the clearest parts of the ROI is the time I save. I can look into so many extra projects compared to Googling and (not) figuring things out with colleagues.

The fact that literally any knowledge is available on tap really speeds things up.

The information is stronger, too. We are often scratching our heads on things and trying to see if what we know internally is relevant – but it takes a long time to become a genuine expert in something!”

Olivier – Investment Director, Private Equity Firm

It Is Flexible

Our clients can access information in whatever format suits them best.

Flexible Service Summary

I was positively surprised that Pangea SI were so on my wavelength. They delivered a really high-quality solution to me exceptionally quickly – it was really easy from my end and the results of our partnership have been very positive.”

Robin Somerville – Business Development Director, Towers Watson

Service Comparison

Different Types of Research Drawbacks Pangea SI’s Solution
•  Management Consulting
(McKinsey, BCG, etc.)
•  Expensive. Not embedded in industry. Lacks practical experience and granular detail on niche topics.
•  Market-embedded experts share detailed effective strategies from first-hand experience.
•  Market Intelligence Providers
(Contract Research Organisations)
•  Relaying second-hand information. Reports lack depth.
•  Insights come from within industry in as much depth as is required.
•  Direct Competitors
(Diversified but unfocused consultancy firms)
•  Agnostic. Less familiar with Energy, Natural Resources, Infrastructure and Chemicals. More expensive, less flexible.
•  Specialists in decarbonisation and the Energy Transition.
•  Events / Conferences
(Meeting industry players in person.)
•  No guarantees of effective meetings. Time-lags. Costly, all things considered.
•  Short, flexible consultations available to evaluate efficacy.
•  Internal Company Resources
(Exploiting existing personal connections)
•  Can be slow. Echo chamber risk. Potential for internal bias.
•  On-demand consultations with impartial experts.
•  Desktop Research
(Performed by employees costing only time)
•  No guarantees of finding useful information. Low value use of time – hidden cost on productivity. Slow.
•  Short calls uncover valuable insights with greater ROIs on money and time.
•  Academics / Consortiums
(Partnering with educational entities)
•  Can be too theoretical. Lacking practical industry perspective.
•  On the ground experts provide knowledge through a business-focussed lens.

Service Impact Visual

A Testimonial From One Of Europe’s Leading Oil Majors

We did a large project with the Head of R&D at one of Europe’s Oil Majors in 2019. This is what he had to say about working with us:

The early stage research I did with my team on Energy Storage and Carbon Capture through Pangea SI’s platform contributed to the start of a journey that will see us invest hundreds of millions into decarbonising one of the most polluting areas of our business.

The deep expert interviews were invaluable compared to consulting and reports from other intelligence providers like Lux. We would have stayed stuck – not confident enough to move – without them.

Fortunately, all the feedback from other colleagues, like our VP of Technology, is that Pangea SI’s industry focus works consistently as a tool for helping us to think better.”

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