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Want To Be A Pangea SI Expert?

If you are a subject matter expert within Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure 'ENRI' that is the first step. Common positions include Energy Consultants, Engineers, Analysts, Project Managers, Directors and CxOs.

It is likely you can if you have senior experience (such as active or former C-level) informing and leading business strategy, market analysis and commercial initiatives.

If you are free to provide consulting and fulfil the points above it is likely you would be a great addition to our network. Your employment status and/or contract will indicate if you can legally provide consultation services. Read our FAQs for more information or contact us to learn how to join.

Yes, if you want to share and apply your experience to inform and support the crucial strategy and operational decisions of companies aiming to achieve more.

The Benefits Of Being An Expert

Remain At The Forefront of 'ENRI' Industries -

through pertinent client projects aligned with the ever-evolving sector challenges.

Straightforward Consulting -

an effective, paid consulting platform with robust compliance measures and supporting technology. You can expect clear client project briefs, convenient formats and prompt payment.

Opportunities To Consult On Client Projects Matching Your Experience -

our team are trained to ensure the most appropriate experts are assigned to each research request we receive.

The Pangea SI Expert Portal -

where you can access exclusive and premium content, events information and invitations to online and offline panel discussions.

Different scenarios you could help with:

  • Strategic decisions, for example guidance on market launch
  • Market validation of the opportunities that clients are planning to capitalise on
  • Informing investment choices for product development and increasing competitiveness
  • Designing best practice models such as managerial or governance programs or R&D operations
  • Innovation to support campaigns and projects catering to market trends

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