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Primary research helps businesses to strengthen their strategic position in the market, and direct expert consulting can provide contextualised information that helps thinking evolve a step further.

Clients can expect reliable knowledge and data which is legitimate, fast and cost-effective - ensuring due diligence for vital strategic decisions. At the same time, Experts can expect a straightforward and personal format to provide consultations which are intellectually and financially rewarding.

Our knowledge sharing platform brings institutional investors and Experts together fuelling sustainable growth for the future.

Telephone Consultations

The fastest, most efficient way to access insights from around world. Select your preferred consultation partners from a shortlist of custom-sourced experts, matched specifically against your information request.

Reports & Executive Summaries

Have a short document produced just for you, on whatever topic you are keen to learn about, written by a subject matter expert in the space you are investigating.


One-To-One, Groups, Panels, Workshops – make connections in person and dive into some deep learning on the topics you need to know about with top-level professionals from the field of interest.

Full Strategic Research

We can design strategic research in collaboration with our clients and then execute the projects on their behalf resulting in a single, cohesive output - all the benefits of a bespoke solution involving less time.

Flexible Commercial Solutions

Access Expertise Within 48 Hours

We support business journeys through our mosaic of information services

How It Works:


Information Need

Tell us about your business challenge or a particular type of knowledge/expertise you require.


Shortlist Review

Within 48 hours we present a customised shortlist of Experts, specifically matched to your project.


Expert Engagement

Connect directly with selected Experts in whichever way works best for you.


Insights For Results

Transfer Experts' unbiased, practitioners' perspectives into actionable plans that drive business growth.

Some areas of our expertise:

Energy Investment Strategy and Insight

  • Climate Finance
  • Clean Technology
  • Policy and Regulations
  • Advanced Tech in Energy



What our clients use us for:

Strategic Due Diligence
Expansion and Growth Opportunities Investigation
Change or Crisis Management
Designing Best Practice Models

Embedded in ENRI since 2010, our On Demand Consulting platform has facilitated client and expert engagements across the full array of industry niches.

Information for Investment Decision Making »
Hypothesis Testing and Validation »
Innovation and Business Incubation »
Scientific and Technical Research & Development »

Pangea Strategic IntelligenceGet a Staffing Solution
In need of a staffing solution? Be it on an executive, interim and project basis, our sister company Pangea Resourcing are specialists in recruitment strategy and personnel mobilisation.

We bring our clients exceptional, comprehensive expertise to solve critical issues and discover valuable opportunities. Our Experts are strategists and functional specialists with backgrounds that can inform operational model design, technology and innovation initiatives, sustainable advancement programmes, analytics, and investment decisions.

We will be able to connect you with the following calibre of experts:

  • Former C-level leaders and executives in each 'ENRI' industry niche of Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure.
  • Independent consulting professionals – each with decades of proven experience.
  • Integral supply chain members from partners to suppliers and traders.
  • Technical consultants, engineers and plant project managers.
  • Strategists, analysts and project managers.

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