Financial Due Diligence Services

The value of conducting commercial due diligence is always an important step in the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) process, allowing prospective buyers to gain a thorough insight and understanding of the target company before any negotiations commence.

This lets acquirers make more informed decisions during a potential purchase, minimising risk and increasing the confidence that sustainable value can be made. As well as this, it can also allow a review of the current and forecasted market landscape. The acquirer can use a commercial due diligence report to provide their financier comfort and reassurance that the transaction or project will not fail.

Commercial due diligence is crucial for companies within the ENRI space, as advances in technology, changes in policies and regulations and a constant drive for innovation and cross-border expertise across the industry mean that companies have to stay in the loop constantly in order to make informed decisions.

Many energy projects require very specific feasibility studies and technical assessments. Oil rig decommissioning, be it platforms or associated infrastructure, for example, must adhere to the regulations set by local bodies or specific conditions written into PSAs, as well as overarching national legislation and international guidelines. These types of projects can cost operators tens of millions of dollars and many experts are predicting decommissioning to overtake development spend the latter half of this decade.

Another example is gas transmission expansion or integration with existing supply networks, which requires detailed information to provide insight into demand requirements, infrastructure planning options, supply volumes and price forecasting, project cost analysis and more.

Our Recommended Framework

Every project has a different lifecycle and roadmap with specific stakeholder and regulatory requirements, however what is vital in all scenarios is proper assessments, accurate price valuations and realisic plans.

These are our recommended general steps to take to support your investment decisions:

Due Diligence Scenarios Pangea SI Can Help You With

Our energy M&A due diligence expert bench can help you throughout various stages, such as M&A transactions and market entry planning, with implementation recommendations – since they have a wealth of experience in leading and successfully completing these projects.

Our approaches to commercial due diligence are always adapted to the individual requirements of our clients. Through our established network of Experts, and our skills of procuring new Experts for any niche market or segment, we can address a variety of business challenges.

These include:

Specific research design
Development plan reviews and implementation recommendations
New market screening and valuations
Assessing deal timelines using innovative, specialised approaches
Project capital cost estimates

Competitive landscaping
Technical review and standards benchmarking
Project and investor/funding profiling
Leveraging industry expertise for impact investing

Here are some of the main ways we do this:

The Impact Of The Information

Telephone Consultations

The fastest, most efficient way to access insights from around world. Select your preferred Expert from a custom-sourced shortlist, matched specifically against your information request.

Face-To-Face Meetings

(One-To-One, Groups, Panels, Workshops) Make connections in person and dive into some deep learning on the topics you need to know about with top-level professionals from the field of interest.

Reports & Executive Summaries

Have a short document produced just for you, on whatever topic you are keen to learn about, written by a subject matter expert in the space you are investigating.

Project & Investor Introductions

An introduction service to assist projects looking for solid investment, and members of the investment Global EPC Company community looking for great projects.


Using Pangea’s consulting platform to propel your your results:


A Knowledge Gap Is Identified

Clients notify us that they need leading insight for their project.


Pangea SI Sources and Vets Experts

We engage and vet subject matter Experts matched to the request at speed.


Consultation Takes Place

Clients consult with their shortlisted Expert(s) and obtain forward knowledge to incorporate into their strategic plans.


Better Results Faster

Clients benefit from more refined analysis and practical recommendations to achieve a quantifiable business impact.

Our client, an investor, wanted to explore the telecommunications industry but still had gaps in knowledge regarding retail fibre. To fill this gap in knowledge in a quick and effective manner, they contacted Pangea SI to connect them with a subject-matter Expert in the industry who could share their knowledge and experiences.

The Experts allowed the client to understand key aspects of the industry such as the risks of retail fibre sales, how to retain customers and how to grow the customer base once a fibre network is built.



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