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Renewables Technology Solutions Provider: Due Diligence For A New Market Opportunity

June 11, 2019
Mike Callis

The Challenge

A client of ours - a manufacturer and technology solution provider in the renewables sector, saw an opportunity for expansion. They engaged Pangea’s service having identified a potential match between their product and the particular conditions in a distant market.

Without knowledge from on the ground in the market of interest, the client could not make confident decisions about their next steps. Perhaps a deeper-dive would reveal issues that made it less appealing than it seemed from the surface. The client accepted that – regardless of data and reports – they knew very little about the conditions they would actually face in practice when it came to promoting their product.

The Market

The country of interest has problems with residential Energy provision. The national utility cannot generate enough power to meet demand all the time. The grid is also in need of maintenance and upgrades to meet the requirements of a growing population. Increasingly, private residents and small-holdings are seeking solutions that allow them to be at least somewhat independent. The geography and the climate of the country offers potential for renewables to have a powerful impact. However, energy capture and storage is required to allow the contribution renewables can make to be best realised.

The Client

Storing the energy produced by Renewables (for example, Solar panels and Wind turbines), and saving it for times when the utility and the grid cannot provide sufficient supply, is the core solution provided by our client.

The Solution

We presented our client with a shortlist of Expert profiles who could provide the following contextualised knowledge, based on years of experience in the geography in question:

  • Energy Market Overview (the traditional picture and impacts of the current power supply situation)
  • Specific Product Segment Knowledge
  • Regulatory and Policy Challenges
  • Competition (incumbents and other external players potentially interested in moving in)
  • Partner / Installer / Distributor Landscape
  • Consumer Behaviour/Drivers
  • Regional Possibilities

The Results

Pangea’s shortlist of approximately 10 carefully vetted Expert profiles could address every angle of potential interest. Spending an hour with each on the telephone in private sessions, the client built up a detailed mosaic of information, which helped them to appreciate the complexities of the growth opportunity. It enabled them to commence building a roadmap for their country entry, and start considering the partners they needed to engage. Furthermore, the speed of Pangea’s delivery eliminated the fear of missing out that was developing for the client: the whole research project was completed within a few weeks, of which just a two days were required for Pangea to source the initial list of Experts.

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