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  • Battery Storage Expert

    Expert has worked in advanced batteries for the past 12 years. Their career in Energy Storage began with mobile applications (HEV/PHEV/EV batteries), and the Expert has focused on Grid-scale energy storage for the past decade.

    Between 2009 – 2011, the Expert served as VP of the largest independent EV pack manufacturer in China.
    This Expert led development of a lithium-ion battery for a California Energy Storage integrator in the C&I California Peak Shaving market.

    Key Roles and Experience
    – Between 2013 – 2107, the Expert served as CTO for the Distributed Energy Storage business of a large multinational

    “I led technology for our behind-the-meter (BTM) and Front-of-meter (FOM) solutions for utilities, as well as our building customers, which we sold through our ESCO channel. We deployed systems in the US in PJM, California, and Hawaii, as well as in Germany.”
    – Expert went on to be VP of Business Development for a long duration Flow battery company based in California – deploying utility-scale storage in California, Washington State, S. Africa, the UK, and China. European work included the Expert partnering with the largest renewable Energy Company in the UK to provide energy storage systems for their growing retail (behind-the-meter) energy market.
    – Expert is currently serving as the Energy Storage SME/owner’s Engineer for a 50 MW/200 MWh lithium-ion battery being deployed in Southern California.
    – Recently, the Expert also led development of several systems in Ontario, Canada – working on behalf of Panasonic Eco Solutions Canada in the Global Adjustment market.
    “I am currently an advisor to a lithium-ion start-up company and a flow battery company, and provide expertise to investors, technology companies, and system integrators in the markets, the business models, and the economics of storage for both BTM and FOM.”

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  • Energy and Chemicals Leader

    Expertise in hydrogen and the broader industrial gases industry, with 30 years in the sector.
    – 16 years in England with BOC Gases doing a range of management and senior director roles at national and international level in hydrogen, cylinder gases, bulk gases on-site gas supply.
    – For 4 of those years, Expert was the global head of a product division, which included hydrogen.
    – Expert then moved to Germany and spent 11 years with a leading Gas and Chemicals company.
    Role: Specialty Gases, Global Head, which covered a range of products including hydrogen and hydrogen electroysers.
    – Scope of role covered strategy, M&A, marketing & supply chain. Achieved #1 global market share position.

    – Expert has spent the past 2 years consulting for PE companies on several M&A deals (including the Linde / Praxair merger), and regularly advises investors interested in the industrial gases space.
    – Expert is also a member of the gasworld editorial advisory board and frequently researches and writes trade journal feature articles in industry publications

    “I have specific Hydrogen experience in PV / Wind to power to H2 (green); General Power to H2 (brown); SMR to H2 with CO2 capture (blue).”

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  • Hydrogen Troubleshooter

    An independent offshore wind business advisor with around 20 years of experience within the energy industry – of which 14 years’ have been dedicated to offshore wind energy industry. With an extensive knowledge of different schemes and portfolios and a deep understanding of their strategic opportunities and potential challenges.

    Key Achievements:
    Management and stakeholder engagement of 1.6GW of nationally significant projects incorporating battery and solar technologies.
    Advised on conceptual planning for offshore wind farms identifying expenditure reductions of 20%.

    Project managed a £4bn 690MW offshore wind farm, whilst also being responsible for liaison with government bodies and risk assessments.
    Raised investment capital of £12 million for a wind farm project from a large electric utility company.

    This Expert has worked on projects such as:
    – Global training focusing on de-risking offshore wind
    – Strategic portfolio troubleshooting for offshore wind and;
    – Business development and bid management for offshore supply chain (including hydrogen).

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  • Energy Solutions Expert

    Approaching a decade of working at a multi-national industrial and energy services business, this Expert has held various leading roles throughout their career within the energy sector.

    New Energy Businesses: Green Energy Expert
    – Experience in leading New Energy fields, focussing on: Sector Coupling (Power to X); Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS); and new green business models within Energy and Oil & Gas markets.

    Oil & Gas services: Global Proposals Manager
    – Facilitated growth in new areas of Carbon Emission Reduction of assets under operation.

    – Leading strategic business development projects and modernisation & upgrade proposals to global Oil & Gas customers.
    – Led strategic business development projects to decarbonise European & MENA Oil & Gas and utility fleets.

    Energy solutions: Proposal Manager
    – Led the successful preparation of proposals for large-scale turnkey combined cycle power and water plants for multi-million-pound (£) complex energy/utility infrastructure projects.
    – Conducted feasibility study on turnkey power plant configurations.

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  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Expert

    Expert has 13 years’ experience within the fuel cell industry.

    Expert is an independent consultant with experience in PEM manufacturing, development, research, market and future developments.

    Expert has experience with PEM based hydrogen compressors, in MEA development and research, and in all aspects of production management and project management.

    Expert has experience with working on hydrogen compressors for 6 years, having held a position as operations

    manager of a company developing and manufacturing DMFC and PEM Fuel Cells resilient to CO. Expert was responsible for day to day operations specifically on the technical level – production, research, development, lab management and testing.

    Expert has also worked for a PEM electrolyser company and was involved with further efficiency improvement / cost reduction of the MEA and electrolyser system.

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  • Seasoned Hydrogen Expert

    A seasoned international energy professional with a near-20 year track record in hydrogen, offshore wind and solar energy.

    Key Roles and Experiences:
    Freelance Consultant
    – Business development, project management and strategy consulting in the areas of hydrogen, offshore wind, solar energy and energy storage.
    – Worked with a European-based company, aiding in offshore wind development.

    Co-founder and Managing Director, Company providing green power solutions for Africa

    – Developing and delivering solar energy solutions for commercial and industrial customers in Sub-Saharan Africa.

    Business development manager, International oil and gas major
    – 10 years of experience in project and business development, among others in the areas of hydrogen and offshore wind.

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  • AI and Machine Learning Renewables Expert

    – Expert is a Business Executive with 25 years’ experience in the energy and high technology sectors.
    – A successful fundraiser for both private and non-profit companies as well as an experienced investor (with venture and private equity experience)
    Expert has written articles on the emergence of digital technologies like A.I. and their use in making wind and solar technologies more effective and better performing.

    Key Roles and Experience:
    – Expert is the Managing Director of a new venture fund investing in digital climate solutions in North America.
    – Expert is a Member of the Board of Directors for a technology accelerator company serving the Midwestern US

    and helping to launch new clean energy companies. The Expert founded the company as CEO before transitioning to a Board Director.
    – Expert was a Member of the Board of Directors of a software tool company for designing rooftop solar.
    – Expert was the Managing Director of a company investing in digital solutions in energy and industry.
    – Expert was a Member of the Board of Directors of an artificial intelligence software company that helps industrial companies improves performance and profitability.
    – Expert was a Member of the Board of Directors of a cloud-based software solution company for automatically settling wholesale energy trades.
    – Expert was the Founder and Managing Director of a clean energy investing venture capital firm of a venture fund that invests in high growth technology companies that make energy more affordable, reliable and secure.
    Expert was the Senior Vice President of New Ventures and Corporate Affairs of the world’s largest independently owned renewable energy developer. Responsible for leading the evaluation and investment in new technologies. The existing portfolio includes: wind, solar, natural gas and battery storage; with expansion into new areas of: demand response, distributed generation and microgrids.
    – Expert was the CEO and Co-Founder of a non-profit, clean energy accelerator that launches, funds and grows new cleantech businesses.

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  • Graph Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Programs Expert

    With over 20 years’ experience within the software industry, this Expert is a thought leader in the field of Graph Analytics to reveal structures within real-world networks and predict dynamic behaviour.

    Having co-authored a book on the subject, this Expert helps teams apply novel approaches to generate new opportunities for companies such as:
    – EDS
    – Microsoft
    – Hewlett-Packard (HP)
    – Hitachi IoT
    – Cray Inc.


    This Expert is currently the Director at a leading graph database platform.

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  • Energy Technology and Digitilisation Expert

    A Business Executive with 25 years’ experience in the energy and high technology sectors. This Expert has been a successful fundraiser for both private and non-profit companies as well as an experienced investor (with venture and private equity experience).

    Has also previously been responsible for leading the evaluation and investment in new technologies spanning wind, solar, natural gas and battery storage portfolios, and written articles on the emergence of digital technologies like A.I. and their use in making wind and solar technologies more effective and better performing,

    Key Roles and Experiences:
    – A Managing Director of a new venture fund investing in digital climate solutions in North America.

    – This Expert has been a Board Member for a range of software and digital solution companies, including:
    o A technology accelerator company serving the Midwestern US and helping to launch new clean energy companies.
    o An artificial intelligence software company that helps industrial companies improve performance and profitability.
    o A cloud-based software solution company for automatically settling wholesale energy trades.

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  • Senior Data Scientist Expert

    Expert has 9 years’ experience in the application of statistical modelling and machine learning to renewable energy and other weather-related areas. This Expert has also published several scientific articles on use of machine learning within power forecasting.

    Key Roles and Experience:
    Senior Data Scientist at a technical engineering company focussed in the wind turbine industry:
    – Providing analytics and software solutions for turbine operators, owners, and developers.
    – Responsible for data analysis, Python software development and maintenance of data management and IT infrastructures.


    Postdoctoral Researcher at two European Universities
    – Focused on wind energy forecasting – specifically on high-dimensional time series models for short-term predictions.
    – Lead one of three groups of related tasks within a project of an autonomous intergovernmental organization on forecasting of wind energy, managing the collaboration of researchers from 11 countries.
    – Researched probabilistic weather forecasting with a focus on distributional and spatio-temporal regression methods.
    – Counselled their national weather service on the implementation of an ensemble post-processing system.
    – Organised a conference session regarding advances in statistical post-processing for deterministic and ensemble forecasts at a large European geosciences event.

    Relevant Educational Background:
    – PhD, Atmospheric Sciences – Topic: Probabilistic Forecasting of Wind and Wind Power.
    – Focusing on statistical methods to post-process numerical ensemble predictions.

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  • Lead Data Scientist Expert

    Key Roles and Experience:
    – Helping develop an IoT platform incorporating Digital Twin technology to provide deep insights into data, along with predictive maintenance and anomalous behaviour detection.

    – In charge of determining and tuning ML/DL algorithms to be used, including but not limited to random forests, boosting ensembles, simple regression models, recurrent neural nets, etc…

    – Expert was an Independent Consultant and Analyst previously, working on projects including: Worked to streamline medicinal distribution business by applying various machine learning techniques and AB Testing,

    product stocking predictions, monitoring and reporting production levels of various steel mills, real-time data administrator ensuring well data continuity for up to 22 drilling rigs, and troubleshooting of Real-time related issues, including server issues, connection problems, internal issues and contractor issues.

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  • Quantum Computing Expert 1

    The Expert has over 15 years of research and industry experience in quantum computing.

    Raised over $600,000 USD to support their research.

    Key Roles and Experience
    – In 2020, the Expert joined an Israeli Venture Capital firm as an Entrepreneur in Residence and Scientific Advisor. In the role, they provide insights and advice to the VC industry on their investments in quantum computing. Additionally, they have built a startup in the field of quantum compilers.
    – Since 2019, the Expert has worked as a Scientific Expert with the European Commission, evaluating evaluate the applications for the Quantum Flagship initiative (1 Billion Euro budget):

    “I can speak in detail on all the questions in the brief and have recently discussed similar with a large American bluechip software firm.”
    – Awarded the very selective (9% success rate) Marie Sklodowska-Curie fellowship by the European Commission for Excellence in Science to develop novel solution for solving the noise problems in quantum computers.
    PhD in Quantum Optics from the for Quantum Technologies Singapore.
    Principal Investigator of the Quantum Engineering Group at the Singapore University of Technology and Design for almost 5 years.
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology Fellow (2013 – 2014).

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  • International Energy Storage Expert

    This Expert is a senior international consultant with an operational experience in various industrial sectors. This Expert has worked with companies such as EDF, Philips and FLSmidth, as well as smaller companies.

    In 2014, he founded a startup developing a groundbreaking energy storage technology, and was its CEO for four years. During that time, the company raised €6m, connected with the best experts internationally, explored various markets worldwide, developed one of the most advanced technologies in this field, and successfully tested the world’s first industrial size systems.

    Key Roles and Experience

    – This Expert has worked on various senior roles: Project Engineer, CTO, CEO and Consultant.
    – Has an extended knowledge on all stakeholders in energy storage: competitors; customers; experts; investors.
    – Also understands the various technologies; business models; projects and market dynamics; and key decision-making criteria.
    – Most of his career has been spent in international projects (European Union; United States; and, briefly, China).
    – He holds a Master in Chemical Engineering and an MBA.

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  • Quantum Computing Expert 2

    Expert has over 10 years’ experience in the field of quantum computing, both in theory and industry.

    Expert spent three years at Harvard University doing research in practical applications of quantum computers in the near-term.
    Has a PhD in Physics, focused on quantum computing with superconducting qubits.

    Key Roles and Experience
    – Expert currently works at Zapata, where he serves as Director of Quantum Hardware Integration:
    “My work consists of integrating our quantum software platform, called Orquestra, into different quantum hardware platforms, such as trapped ions, superconducting qubits,

    photonic platforms and quantum annealers.”
    – After time at Harvard, Expert worked for Raytheon (a defense contractor in the US) for 2 years, at their quantum computing group, doing theory models for multi qubit devices.
    “I have over 1700 citations and 20 papers in top tier journals, such as Nature Physics, Nature Photonics, Nature Biotechnology, Physical Review Letters.”

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  • Quantum Computing Expert 3

    Expert has more than 10 years of experience in quantum computing research. The Expert’s professional goal in the next 5-10 years is to make quantum computers practical and useful to the world.

    In summer 2019, he joined a commercial quantum computing startup as a core member and has been leading the algorithm team since then.

    Key Roles and Experience
    – At current business, the Expert is leading the efforts to develop quantum algorithms and near-term applications that can be readily implemented on the neutral-atom quantum hardware.

    – Expert graduated with a PhD in Physics, specialised in quantum computing theory, at the University of Michigan in 2017.
    – Expert worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University from 2017-2019, focusing his research on developing near-term applications of quantum computers, such as in tackling commercially relevant optimisation problems using near-term quantum computers.

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