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Absorbing Expertise At Speed -

our Expert engagements allow you to gain valuable insight without the need to go through recruitment and hiring or long-winded corporate research organisation procedures.

Specific Specialised Information -

whether it is learning about emerging technologies and systems to advance your services and products, or overcoming competing market factors.

Increased Revenue Potential with Strategic Guidance -

our clients access subject matter experts to make truly informed, risk-reduced decisions.

The Pangea SI Client Portal -

where clients access exclusive and premium content, events information and invitations to online and offline panel discussions.

What our clients use us for:

  • Investigating Opportunities For Expansion and Growth
  • Due Diligence on Strategic Decisions
  • Hypothesis Testing and Validation
  • Informing Investment Choices
  • Designing Best Practice Models
  • Innovation Incubation
  • Confronting Unexpected Changes

Our Consultation Formats

Full Strategic Research

We can design strategic research in collaboration with our clients and then execute the projects on their behalf resulting in a single, cohesive output - all the benefits of a bespoke solution involving less time.

Telephone Consultations

The fastest, most efficient way to access insights from around world. Select your preferred consultation partners from a shortlist of custom-sourced experts, matched specifically against your information request.

We support business journeys through our mosaic of information services.

Reports & Executive Summaries

Have a short document produced just for you, on whatever topic you are keen to learn about, written by a subject matter expert in the space you are investigating.

Face-to-Face Meeting

One-To-One, Groups, Panels, Workshops – make connections in person and dive into some deep learning on the topics you need to know about with top-level professionals from the field of interest.

Project & Investor Introduction

An introduction service to assist projects looking for solid investment, and members of the investment community looking for great projects.

Total Commercial Flexibility

We support business journeys through our mosaic of information services.

Explore the real application of our customised consulting engagements:

The Experts You Can Engage With

We bring our clients exceptional, comprehensive expertise to solve critical issues and discover valuable opportunities. Our Experts are strategists and functional specialists with backgrounds that can inform operational model design, technology and innovation initiatives, sustainable advancement programmes, analytics, and investment decisions.

We will be able to connect you with the following calibre of experts:

  • Former C-level leaders and executives in each 'ENRI' industry niche of Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure.
  • Independent consulting professionals – each with decades of proven experience.
  • Integral supply chain members from partners to suppliers and traders.
  • Technical consultants, engineers and plant project managers.
  • Strategists, analysts and project managers.

Our Unique Standards

Industry Specialists within Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure

Full “Cradle-To-Grave” Life Cycle Solutions

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