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Utility Change Management – Learning Lessons From The Telecommunications Sector

September 4, 2019
Mike Callis

The Challenge

At E-world, we picked up a requirement from a large utility. They were having issues with the changing nature of their business as it becomes a more commercial, less state regulated space. A lot of their senior leadership had decades of experience in an environment that was not relevant to their current market. It is a challenge that the Telecommunications sector went through around 15 years ago. As both sectors have similar infrastructure in some ways, we saw an opportunity to gather some transferable lessons.

The Solution

We set up senior members of the utility’s leadership team with former C-Level executives from the Telco sector. They held face-to-face meetings and conducted some half-day presentation sessions. The leaders at the utility wanted to learn from people who had been in a situation like their current situation in the past:

  • What strategy changes did these executives oversee?
  • What worked?
  • What failed?
  • How did they turn difficult market conditions into favourable outcomes for their company?

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