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The Market Research and Information Services Landscape

July 15, 2019
Mike Callis

Market research, information services, and strategic intelligence are big business. Big business that shows no sign of slowing down. A report published by ESOMAR – the global association for the market research industry – found the worldwide market research industry was, as of November 2018, worth some $76 billion, a figure six percent higher than the previous year. Such growth clearly demonstrates the importance companies place on accessing the most accurate and up-to-date business data.

Tellingly, this research also identified the US as contributing 44% of the global market value. For many, New York City may just be the world’s foremost hub for economic activity – the beating heart of both US and global business. It homes some of the most innovative and successful market research and information services companies in the world.

The next largest market, in fact, was the UK with a 14% share – a figure demonstrating that the scope for international growth is all too obvious. Yet, even this market share has seen a decline from 17% in the last three years, with the industry in 2016 valued at £4.8 billion. Despite this fall in market share, turnover continues to be a quarter more than that of France and Germany – the next biggest players – combined. The challenge for UK market research organisations, therefore, seems to be attracting the best talent and developing innovative strategies to drive growth.

The scope for international growth is all too obvious.

Strategy Consultants vs Data and Report Providers

In such a competitive and lucrative market sector, it is no surprise that the current landscape of the market research industry is one in which various specialisms thrive, and organisations look to expand on their expertise in order to capture business. After all, with the sector in a steady state of growth, more and more opportunities to stand out will present themselves.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the labelling market research companies adopt and the specialist skills they offer. Strategic consultants, for example, will often work alongside you in first understanding the issues your business faces, then developing a suitable research strategy that will help overcome challenges and return the information you need. This research itself may well then be carried out by a third party or be returned for you to manage in-house, meaning the management of more the one relationship may be required.

Such relationships include those with data and report providers. Once the strategy has been fully determined – and whether devised either by yourself or via a consultant – the provision of detailed reports and actionable intelligence needs to be presented in a manner that is easy to interpret. Shopping around for the right company to deliver such business-critical data is therefore of the utmost importance.

Of course, the advent of full stack market research services ensures these disciplines are gradually falling under the remit of an individual organisation, with the integration of technology-driven data solutions and consultative expertise ensuring you can search for a single market research company to undertake the necessary work.

Big Business in the Big Apple

Having already seen how the US dominates the market research industry, it perhaps comes as no surprise then that, when trying to identify the spiritual home of 24/7 monitoring and market analysis, looking anywhere other than the city that never sleeps would be a mistake.

With the US is the key player in market research and information services, focusing on those companies that are blazing a trail across the industry is vital for your own future successes. After all, investment in strategic intelligence is vital to growth of your own organisation, and understanding the services and successes of potential partners will form part of a decision-maker’s due diligence.

In investigating the top market research companies in New York, we looked into organisations that not only dominated in terms of financial success, but in whom adopting the latest practices is part of the company culture. For example, the growth of data analysis and AI-lead research is transforming how expert networks and consulting companies are able to deliver their findings; failure to be at the cutting-edge of these practices would, to some extent, be tantamount to a dereliction of duty.

So, who are the market research firms in New York to whom we should look? From consulting services providers to data analysts, global expert networks to insights expertise, we have taken a look at some of New York’s pre-eminent strategic intelligence organisations.


With more than 30,000 employees around the globe, Kantar prides itself on being among the world’s finest in research, data and insights expertise. Combining user behaviour with advanced technologies – Kantar was the first to use facial recognition technology for advertising testing, for example – the organisation works with more than half of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as national governments, and more. Recently consolidating its various brands under the Kantar name, the organisation is owned by WPP.


Founded by Didier Truchot in Paris back in 1975, Ipsos today has offices around the globe, including at 360 Park Avenue South in New York. The company’s tagline – ‘Game Changers’ – denotes Ipsos’ stated aim, with its specialisms in client and employee relationship management, opinion and social research, online operations, media and advertising research, and marketing research all provided through its various channels.


Germany’s largest market research and data analysis institute also enjoys a significant presence in the Big Apple. Delivering innovative analytics solutions, GfK strives to understand consumer behaviour and help predict trends. Working with a host of global clients, GfK employs a number of solutions that identify and optimise strategic opportunities, with such solutions as online pricing intelligence, POS analytics, geomarketing, trends and forecasting, and media measurement among those available.


Arguably the most recognisable name on this list, Nielsen Holdings Inc. generates annual revenue of over $6 billion while employing more than 44,000 in 100 countries. With headquarters at 85 Broad St, Nielsen has been operating for over 90 years, providing a host of data analytics and business intelligence services to such market sectors as finance, retail, media and science. With solutions incorporating such pioneering disciplines as consumer neuroscience, concept testing, volumetric forecasting, advertising efficacy, and even shelf intelligence, Nielsen itself enjoys the prestige of being a S&P 500 company.


Styled as a global marketing research and effectiveness company, System1 – formerly known as BrainJuicer – prides itself on being able to ‘predict marketing outcomes for you’. With 13 offices around the world – including on Vanderbilt Ave, New York – the company looks to forecast the business impact of brands, communications, and ideas. This is achieved through such research as advertising response modeling, market and competitive intelligence, attitude and usage research, and consumer trend monitoring.

Information providers for the energy industry

When it comes to engaging the right strategic intelligence partner for your organisation, it pays to ensure you are working with experts in the desired field. The energy industry, for example, is one that is complex and always evolving, meaning you need to work alongside those with an understanding of the complexities it holds. When it comes to New York-based experts, some of the most renowned include:

S&P Global Platts

One of the world’s leading providers of information and analytics on the energy and commodities markets, S&P Global Platts currently provides valuable business insights to customers in 190 countries around the world. Having evolved from its original focus on the petroleum industry, S&P Global Platts offers intelligence into oil, natural gas, electric power, petrochemicals, and more. With 1,200 employees in 19 countries, it offers truly global reach for those looking at gaining an advantage in the energy sector.

Wood Mackenzie

Nearly a century after its founding, Wood Mackenzie offers consultancy and analysis into the future of natural resources and energy. Utilising its own intuitive data and analytics platform – Wood Mackenzie Lens – the company is able to identify opportunities that help unlock your business’ potential in global markets. As part of the wider Verisk family, the company’s expertise in the energy sector is underpinned by support from PowerAdvocate and Verisk Maplecroft.

IHS Markit

Proudly representing more than 50,000 customers in 140 countries, IHS Markit works to provide the deepest intelligence possible from a number of market sectors. Within the energy and natural resources sector, IHS Markit delivers insight and reports into the worldwide market, with its team of energy experts helping empower your business in the decisions it makes. Featuring more than 14,000 professionals in 34 countries, it also represents some of the biggest companies in both the US and worldwide.

Energy Intelligence

Offering more than 60 years’ expertise in data and industry intelligence, Energy Intelligence has bases across the globe including on Madison Avenue in New York. The company’s global expertise and proprietary tools enable Energy Intelligence to provide insight into the oil and gas industries, delivering commentary on strategic trends and corporate planning.

Exploring the merits of strategic consultancies

For many people, the thought of employing the services of any kind of consultant is enough to send shivers down the spine. After all, expensive outlay on a third party with nothing tangible to show seldom seems a wise investment. But, in the world of market research strategic consultants, you may find such an arrangement could transform your business’ future.

Such organisations as Bain & Company offer the expertise and insight to develop tailored strategy solutions that encourage long-term growth and residual success. You will be able to benefit from leveraging the power of proven tools, problem resolution, and informed key decision making processes, putting the expertise and available data on offer to practical use.

Exploring the merits of management consultancies

Like strategic consultants, management consultancies – such as Deloitte and Accenture – are available to provide guidance and advice on the running of your business. However, the difference lies in working alongside senior management in identifying opportunities and problem resolution. These advisories are available to offer educated and objective advice, calling on the experience and market analytics in which they specialise.

Company Address Services
Kantar Three World Trade Center
New York, NY 10048
  • Advertising and search, monitoring and evaluation
  • Audience measurement
  • Consumer and audience targeting
  • Insight solutions
  • Reputation, PR monitoring and evaluation
  • Social media intelligence
Ipsos 360 Park Avenue South
17th Floor,
New York, NY 10010
  • Client and employee relationship management
  • Opinion and social research
  • Online operations
  • Offline operations
  • Media and advertising research
  • Marketing research
Gfk 200 Liberty St
4th Floor,
New York, NY 10281
  • Online pricing intelligence
  • Consumer insights
  • POS analytics
  • Distribution and supply chain management
  • Consumer panels
  • Geomarketing
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Media measurement
  • Trend and forecasting
Nielsen 85 Broad St
New York, NY 10004
  • Audience segments
  • Branded integration intel
  • Consumer neuroscience
  • Consumer panel measurement
  • Digital content ratings
  • On location measurement
  • Political solutions
  • Concept development
  • Concept testing
  • Line and price optimisation
  • Volumetric forecasting
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Assortment and space optimisation
  • Consumer analytics
  • Shelf intelligence
System1 52 Vanderbilt Ave
17th Floor
New York, NY 10017
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Advertising response modeling
  • Brand image tracking
  • Corporate identity research
  • Marketing and competitive intelligence
  • Attitude and usage research
  • Concept development
S&P Global Platts 2 Pennsylvania Plaza
New York, NY 10121
  • Analytics and market insight
  • Global market understanding
  • Data interpretation and visualisation
Wood Mackenzie 452 5th Ave
New York, NY 10048
  • Commercial advisory
  • Strategy and organisation
  • Performance improvement
  • Industry fundamentals
  • Due diligence
IHS Markit 450 West 33rd Street
New York, NY 10001
  • Asset valuations
  • Investment opportunities
  • Advanced analytics
  • Economic forecasts
Energy Intelligence 270 Madison Avenue
Suite 302
New York, NY 10048
  • Strategic trends
  • Country risk evolution
  • Business and competitive intelligence

Why strategic market intelligence will always matter

While this analysis focuses on just a handful of market research and strategic intelligence businesses with a presence in New York, this truly is the tip of the iceberg in a continually evolving and maturing industry sector. And, as advanced metrics and data analysis becomes ever more refined and drills down into truly granular levels, the marketplace is almost certain to experience significant flux in the years to come.

Choosing the right strategic partner for your organisation is essential. From management consultants to market research organisations, strategic consultancies to data analysts, it is vital that you select the right partner with the right expertise for the job. With a number of market research businesses in the energy and natural resources sector, you should take the time to assess the capabilities and experience on offer from the various suppliers, identifying your own requirements and their ability to deliver.

Pangea Strategic Intelligence’s on demand consulting platform provides you with direct access to vetted experts embedded in your industry of interest. You can expect to obtain the contextualised information you need in a very cost-effective manner.

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