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Regulatory Guidance And Technical Innovation Research And Development

September 26, 2019
Mike Callis

The Challenge

A Research and Development department at a renewables manufacturing company came to Pangea SI, facing challenges with its latest smart grid software. The product being developed was designed to enable energy sharing between users and better distribute supply throughout the day. It was very close to being commercially viable, but was facing technical problems in certain locations.
The client was aware it was facing roadblocks that were not insurmountable, but that navigating them without external support to supplement their team’s knowledge would be critically slow.

The Solution

Pangea SI was engaged to assist the client in gathering a mosaic of information from Experts who had worked on developing similar solutions in target markets. There were dynamics that they needed to understand better from a technical and regulatory perspective.

Pangea identified several Experts who could help the client think through the issues, and ensured that strict, legally-binding NDAs were agreed to. The client then selected several Experts to participate in anonymous telephone consultations with a group of its employees. Subsequently, face-to-face meetings took place with two Experts at private conferencing rooms in a hotel to conduct detailed discussions on specific elements of the project.
Two crucial threads emerged from the initial telephone consultations:

  1. Through talking to Experts who had designed similar software in the geographies of focus, the client was able to identify an opportunity to make a technical leap in its product development. Gathering external insights allowed the client to collect information on several approaches it had not fully explored previously. The team members were able to combine aspects of these with their existing thinking in order to conceptualise a new way of moving forward. The consultations led to the creation of genuine insight, helping to re-position one particular piece of the offering.
  2. How the product interacted with other parts of the grid and technologies attempting similar things was also crucial to its success. A technical input was required here from someone who knew how to approach improving the connectivity of the software, having spent the most recent part of their career as a consultant in this area.

The Results

With significantly increased confidence in the foundations of the product, the client is finalizing its next project with Pangea: speaking to Experts in a couple of the developed geographies that have been selected for product launch. The Experts will help the client with detailed market entry strategy and provide information on the practical realities of the competitive and regulatory landscapes.

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