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Utilising Strategic Information For Investment Decision Making

September 26, 2019
Lachie Ives

The Challenge

It is not possible to predict every hypothetical scenario and have a plan in place for it. Things frequently happen that people and companies cannot prepare for in advance. However, Pangea SI’s service does make it possible to produce a rapid response.

When an event in one area impacts supply and demand in other areas, clients frequently come to us for expert opinion to help them quickly adopt the best possible position in the context.

If it is announced that a pipeline is delayed or an unexpected accident damages a facility, supply volumes fall and spikes in prices can occur. Investors, commodities traders, competitors and other businesses who sense a sudden change to their ecosystem all require insights to make agile adjustments. Knowing the real-time picture and possible chain reactions is valuable for clients looking to optimise their short, medium and long-term stance.

Our clients cannot connect with current employees of the affected project or company to ask for inside information on exactly what is going on. However, they can connect with people to interrogate the story that is in the public domain and learn about the loops in the rollercoaster ride in front of them.

The Solution

Experts with knowledge of manufacturing or production from the niche can talk through the technical specifics:

  • Does the assessment being shared match your experience?
  • How long will it take to get back on schedule based on the publicly available information?

Experts from different functions can talk to the context:

  • Which competitors will be looking to fill the void?
  • What are the barriers that currently prevent them from doing so?
  • How quickly can they be removed?
  • Will the original plan or pre-event status quo be restored?

Talking to Experts in adjacent spaces is another interesting application:

  • If X event takes Y amount of time to resolve, then what pressure will be exerted on connected market Z?
  • What contingencies will be in place to alleviate that?
  • Will the impacts be localised or will the ripple be felt regionally, perhaps even globally?

Shocks can mean risks and opportunities. Acting quickly with contextualised Expert information can be the difference between a negative outcome and effectively re-positioning to ensure a positive one.

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