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Client FAQs

Why Should I Choose Pangea SI Over Other Companies In The Information Services Sector?

Our primary benefit over our direct competitors is that we are focused in Energy, Natural Resources and Infrastructure, whereas they tend to be industry agnostic.

Our sector focus allows us to network more thoroughly; attend specific events and conferences; provide thought leadership; offer our clients deeper research guidance. This all translates as value to clients in terms of the research outcomes we can help them achieve.

How Does Pangea SI's Service Work?

Firstly, we receive a project request from a client online, via email, through our client portal or over the phone. A confidential project brief is then created in agreement with the client containing their Expert requirements and project objective(s).

Our experienced team then perform a custom search based on our client's project brief, with the aim of presenting a suitable shortlist to the client within 48 hours of receiving the request.

The client selects the desired Expert(s) from the shortlist, along with their preferred consultation format(s)/ and a consulting session is scheduled for a time that suits both parties. The Expert and the client interact directly, allowing the client to unlock the insights they require.

Who Are Pangea SI's Common Clients?

We cannot reveal the names of the companies we work with, as our clients’ research projects are confidential.

Clients fall into the following three categories: corporations, consultancies and the financial community. We can assist with any business research connected to the Energy, Natural Resources, Chemicals and Infrastructure sectors.

Projects can be technical or commercial in nature – depending on where our clients require augmentation in their research capacity.

Users within our clients tend to be working in teams like: Strategy; Innovation; Marketing; and R&D departments that support business lines. Their seniority can vary from analysts through to senior leadership positions, and varies from project to project.

Our clients commonly look for bespoke solutions, which is why our fast and flexible platform fits perfectly for so many use cases:

  • Investigating Opportunities for Expansion and Growth (Launching New Products Or Entering New Markets)
  • Due Diligence on Strategic Decisions
  • Hypothesis Testing and Validation
  • Informing Investment Choices
  • Designing Best Practice Models
  • Innovation Incubation
  • Confronting Unexpected Changes
Who Are Pangea SI's Experts?

Pangea SI Experts are subject matter specialists in their fields. Our network is made up of former executives, those who are working as independent consultants, those who are currently employed and actively seeking employment, and retirees who now share the contextualised knowledge they built up over their careers in ad-hoc consulting engagements.

Areas of strength for our network include: subject matter specialists on Energy Transition and Digitalisation, Clean Tech, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Power Distribution and Generation, Supply and Trading, and other industry niches.

Our Experts have worked on global and local business strategy initiatives and operational projects - performing key technical and commercial roles. Be it in supply chain management, operations, technical and engineering teams, strategy and investments, or risk and regulatory affairs.

The network grows organically based on hot topics in the industry and client information requests, meaning that there are a very broad range of Expert job functions and locations available to consult with. Where we do not have appropriate Experts on the network for a client request, we custom source appropriate professionals who can fulfil the information need.

Where Do You Source Your Experts From?

We source our Experts from lots of places. Our job is finding people, so we use whatever is required to get the right Expert for a client request. This includes: LinkedIn, Referrals, Networking Events, Conferences, Academic Articles, Journals, and Industry Papers. Moreover, the company we are built from has been in Headhunting and Executive Search for the Energy sector for 10 years, so we have an established database already, as well as a strong background in customised sourcing.

What If The Shortlisted Profiles Are Not Right?

If clients require alternative Experts to be sourced or wish to add supplementary elements to their project brief, we can revise our custom search.

We take careful project specifications, so it’s unusual to have issues with shortlists. However, clients are under no obligation to consult with any profile that we submit. Usually, we send a shortlist of 5-10 profiles and the client selects their favourites to engage with. Generally, a client will speak to more than one profile from a shortlist, to get a broader spectrum of opinion and enhance corroboration. Still, it is rare that a client will speak to every profile on a shortlist.

We would not want a client to engage with an Expert if they are unsure of the value-add, so we send the answers to specific screener questions the client has set along with the bios to provide more details and ensure confidence in the selection process. It is also common for clients to give us pointers as we go on what they like and don’t like about the profiles we have submitted. That allows us to make continuous improvements as we work on a project.

Can I Get A Free Trial?

Rather than providing free trials, we choose to give 5% of our subscription revenue to charity and good causes through the Work for Good platform. Prospective clients can view anonymised consultant profiles from our network before making a commercial commitment, as a demonstration of the possible consultation options.

How Do I Enquire About Subscribing To Pangea SI's Services?

To enquire about engaging us as a research partner, click here.

We can also be contacted through the channels below and aim to respond to every written enquiry within 24 hours.
- Telephone: +44 20 3907 1990
- Email:
- Website and Live Chat:

Existing clients can also post projects via their Portal, which will immediately notify our delivery teams of their information request.

What Do Clients Get From Using Pangea SI?

Valuable, specialised information and high-quality expertise at speed to support strategic due diligence for decision-making optimisation and increased likelihood of return on investment.

More specifically, our on demand consulting platform provides clients with access to fully customised primary research solutions based on the latest expertise in the industry, within the time frames they set, and at an affordable cost. Our model is unlike that of a management consultancy or corporate research organisation, because we offer clients direct contact with Experts embedded in their area of interest. Our aim is to offer clients bite size consulting how they want it and when they want it. Furthermore, engaging in direct peer-to-peer learning, rather than working through Analysts, enables clients to access valuable information faster and more cost effectively than they otherwise could.

Our service gives clients flexibility through different consultation formats that can be easily plugged together to provide the best solution to various projects and business challenges. The platform is designed to be agile, allowing clients to obtain knowledge as and when they require it. If a client's business is rapidly growing or adapting to new market changes, they can seek expertise through our platform that will assist them with their next step.

Another feature available to subscribing clients is access to their own secure Pangea SI Client Portal, where they can view premium content, information on upcoming events and panel discussions, industry and market news. The portal also stores important information on a client’s historic and scheduled projects and assigned experts, providing a central location from which to review the research they have conducted through our platform.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of our service is based on a credit model. A one-hour telephone consultation with an Expert is one (1) ‘credit’. The cost per credit varies depending on the number of credits a client purchases. Clients who subscribe to our services pay less per credit than clients who choose a ‘pay as you go’ commercial relationship. To find out a precise price range, based on your likely engagement with our service, contact us.

Are You Part Of A Group?

Yes, we are a part of the Pangea group of companies.

Our sister company Pangea Resourcing is one of the leading Energy sector human resources companies. To date, Pangea Resourcing has supported talent acquisition and personnel mobilisation in over 70 countries and has been in operation for a decade.

Pangea Resourcing provides a range of resourcing services from permanent and contract staffing to global mobilisation. Our shared internal competencies and experience of ENRI sector issues and developments are crucial in enabling us to offer our clients a unique blend of services; and the positions we have within on demand consulting and human capital solutions are mutually reinforcing.

Compliance and General FAQs

What Consultation Formats Are Available?

The main consultation formats we provide are:

  • Telephone Consultations
  • Face-to-Face Meetings
  • Executive Summaries
  • Full Strategic Research
  • Project & Investor Introductions

Trials are available for clients to gain single consultations, although our subscription plan is recommended as we have found that our clients experience significantly more value in a series of consultations for their strategic due diligence.

At a base level all clients can expect to obtain a greatly matched, high-quality expertise solution for their project with one telephone consultation.

Why Should I Choose Pangea Strategic Intelligence?

Pangea SI’s distinct role in the market means we can deliver a quality of research value that is very different to other information service providers.

  • Custom Search Expertise - we have over 10 years of experience in human resource searching and personnel mobilisation for business professionals at C- level and those leading the delivery and success of strategic solutions. This experience of delivering high-end human capital solutions is combined with smart technology to ensure the most suitable experts are shortlisted for every client project.
  • Global Network Reach - our UK and US teams provide us with a boots on the ground knowledge of these countries and our network, along with the fact that Pangea has serviced over 100 business clients globally in over 60 countries, gives us a global view of and connection to experts in every ENRI field.
  • Industry Specialism within ENRI - energy, natural resources, chemicals and infrastructure are the areas we specialise in and our focused position keeps us abreast of the evolving array of market trends and niche challenges. This puts us ahead of the industry-agnostic data research and strategy consulting firms who generally adopt an off the shelf approach.
  • Total Commercial Flexibility - from the consultation format, cost of the research and to the knowledge requirement, our on demand consulting platform is truly tailored to what the client needs.

Our commercial flexibility starts with the Experts themselves. Our vetted Experts are micro-niche specialists with proven and credible experience in their respective fields. We can also connect you with Experts embedded within more industry-wide ENRI challenges.

The direct consultations with our Experts are fully personalised. Clients can interact with their chose Expert(s) via telephone consultation - if a remote solution is preferred for example, face-to-face meeting and other effective consultation formats. Whatever the format, the expertise delivered will always align with the client’s project specifications.

Likewise, the cost of our services is based on a credit model and we offer Subscription, Bundle and Pay As You Go plans allowing Clients to schedule single consultations or a higher volume of consultation series if the scope of their project demands it.

An expert solution can be delivered to you whether you are reacting to a market opportunity, a shift in macro environmental factors or reaching a certain business stage and require proactive strategic validation

Our business purpose, which drives towards making significant contributions to energy sustainability and knowledge-seeking communities, is integrated with Work for Good which means 5% of our subscription revenue is given back to charities and non-business communities.

How Does Pangea SI Handle Confidentiality With Consulting?

Experts sign legally binding Terms and Conditions to be part of our network and we re-confirm the key points of those before we give an Expert full details of a project. Making Experts aware of issues around non-disclosure and confidentiality are a big part of our work (for example, we have a Compliance Training that they complete before being eligible to consult).

We also have several customised compliance protocols in place for each project we work on. Clients interviewing Experts anonymously makes up about 30% of our engagements. We only reveal the name of the company doing the research to our Experts once the Client has approved it. It is, furthermore, not uncommon for Clients to ask us to reveal their name only after reviewing a shortlist and selecting the Expert(s) they wish to engage with.

How Does Pangea SI Handle Conflicts Of Interest And Ensure Legitimate Connections?

We do not connect our clients to Experts who may have a conflict of interest. We do not connect our clients with current employees of their direct competitors. No Expert should ever discuss their current employer on a consultation. Where clients connect with former employees of their competitors, they cannot request any proprietary or non-public information.

Expert FAQs

What Is Non-Public Insider Information?

This is an information type which can be potentially misused amounting to insider dealing under the FCA's Market Abuse Regulation. Unless the information has been disclosed publicly or included in broadly disseminated reports it is considered 'non-public'.

Insider information is a non-public fact in relation to the plans of a publicly traded company which could be used to achieve a financial gain in the activity of buying or selling securities and shares. An example of insider information is a confidential corporate development.

In many countries trading based on insider information is illegal, therefore in order to reduce the risk associated with this, it is recommended that confidential company information is not disclosed in any manner.

If I Become A Pangea SI Expert Member, Am I Prohibited From Working For Clients Outside Of Pangea SI?

No, you are permitted to provide consulting services and share your expertise, as long as you are still adhering to Pangea SI's Terms and Conditions.

With respect to the clients and projects you have been connected to through Pangea SI, we generally require you to continue working on those through our platform. However, there are instances where our clients request to conduct detailed projects with Experts directly, following an initial consultation through Pangea SI. So long as Pangea SI and the client are able to come to a satisfactory arrangement in these situations, we almost always sanction them.

Why Should I Choose Pangea SI And Become A Pangea SI Expert?

Joining our network will increase your exposure to the latest developments and challenges within Energy, Natural Resources, Chemicals, and Infrastructure, as well as provide you with opportunities to connect with clients in sectors related to your specialisms and expertise.

Pangea SI's on demand consulting platform is a highly secure, compliant pathway for you to gain additional income in a straightforward manner.

Beyond money, knowledge sharing solutions are important for facilitating progress. Enabling our clients to access information in an easy and expedient way is valuable to them. Equally, being able to share their expertise for the benefit of the industry they have dedicated their professional lives to is important to most of our Experts. Our platform enables Experts to contribute, as well as monetising that contribution.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Pangea SI Expert?

There is no monetary cost in joining our network as an Expert. Pangea SI’s clients pay to use our service and we pay our Experts for their consulting time.

Can I Discuss The Client's Project Details With Others?

No, you are not permitted to disclose information surrounding active, previous or potential client projects that you are connected with. This is part of Pangea SI’s Terms and Conditions.

Any information discussed with a client, or detailed within a client's brief on a project you have accepted is strictly confidential. Similarly, any connected materials, documents or digital assets are to remain strictly confidential.

Am I Allowed To Work On A Project Which Relates To My Previous Employer?

This is often acceptable, providing an Expert did not sign any legally binding documents committing not to as part of their departure from the company in question. However, an Expert should not disclose any confidential or non-public information which relates to a company the Expert has worked for in the past.

We recommend that you decline a client project request if you feel it may represent a potential conflict.

Am I Allowed To Work On A Project Which Relates To My Current Employer?

No, this is not allowed under Pangea SI's Terms and Conditions, which stipulate that Experts cannot accept project requests relating to their current employer.

Am I Allowed To Consult Through Pangea SI If I Am Currently Employed?

If you are currently working at a company, it is advisable to review your employment contract to ensure you are not prohibited from providing consulting services outside of your employment. If you are at all uncertain, we recommend that you raise any queries with your current employer before participating in any consultations through our network.

How Does Pangea SI's Service Work?

Once a client submits a project, we match their requirements with the most suitable Expert(s) on our network.

In accordance with our compliance framework, Experts are notified of the potential project. If an Expert expresses interest, the full project brief will be shared with them, detailing the client's project objective, desired consultation type and any other key information.

If a client selects an Expert submitted to them by Pangea for a consultation, we schedule a time and interaction format that suits both parties, In most cases, the format is a telephone consultation, as this represents the most convenient method of connecting the two parties.

Once the consultation session is complete, the Expert is eligible to be paid for their time.

Am I Qualified To Become A Pangea SI Expert?

Most professionals are eligible to join our network. Almost everyone has at least some element of unique knowledge based on their own unique experiences, and our clients look for a variety of perspectives from professionals of all seniorities: strategic, commercial, macro; technical; niche, on-the-ground; etc.

However, joining our network does not guarantee that a professional will go on to participate in paid consultations. This is not a reflection of their professional capacity, but, rather, linked to the nature and flow of client information needs.

Fortunately, there are tool kits on being the best consultant you can be, and interesting content pieces that make being a part of our network fulfilling and worthwhile, even if you do not consult through us immediately upon joining or regularly.

How Can I Become A Member Of The Pangea SI Expert Community?

To register as a Pangea SI Expert, click here.

Experts who wish to join our network must agree to our Experts Terms and Conditions and complete a Compliance Tutorial before being eligible to take part in consultations.

Experts will be notified of project requests that match their experience when they arise.

We can also be contacted through the channels below and aim to respond to every written enquiry within 24 hours.
- Telephone: +44 20 3907 1990
- Email:
- Website and Live Chat:

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